Who we are, What we do

Luminary Films is a 'soup to nuts' production company designed to execute commercial, episodic web, and long form content, as well as high energy photo-real VFX / CGI animation. Small, adaptable and modern. For twenty years we've kept true to our design, standing ourselves on the forefront of boutique production. Our structure places creative input squarely at the heart of our team, driving our ambition to integrate a product and an advertiser with the people and a medium. Innovation through collaboration, it's what we do. A personalized and open approach to production that thrives on diverse participation, not just creative, but active consumer feedback. We live in the endless customer revolution. And our size enables us to do what the other guys cannot... react.

Here, there is no 'ready made' production model to fall back on. Relevance has an expiration date. Every new campaign means it's time for us to start over, to re-collaborate, re-calibrate, and re-connect. Effective advertising starts with a compelling story, and an effective production company connects that story with the people. That means finding new ways to relate through a diverse array of media, that means refreshing the process, that means reacting. Day after day, it's never the same.

From creative conceptualization to execution, with specialized crews, ground breaking camera techniques and an organization that lets us turn on a dime, we build on the latest advancements in the field to create new trends in the market. Our goal isn't to stay relevant, our goal is to redefine it. After twenty years, it's like we're just getting started.